Digital Claims Ecosystem

My primary responsibility at Intact Financial Corp is to oversee the design of the entire digital claim ecosystem across our 3 major brands (Intact Insurance, Belair Direct, & National Bank of Canada).

The purview of my project ownership includes everything within our native mobile applications and web tools related to the creation and maintainence of new, active, and closed claims.

UX Designer

Frequent communication with stakeholders to align user needs with business objectives.
Organization of roadmaps and sprint planning.
Collaboration with dedicated UI teams on design system requirements.
Analysis of usage data for the identification of opportunities for enhancements within our tools.
Development of wireframes, prototypes, user tests, and documentation for new designs.
Facilitation of design review and design workshops.
Definition and ownership of KPIs.

Over the course of nearly three years I have led the redesign of all claims related experiences on both web and mobile, which resulted in a significant increase in digital engagement and call deflection, and more than doubled the completion rate of our digital claim forms.

I was awarded the 2020 Bravissimo Award for outstanding impact on the corporation (the highest award available within the company).

Due to the vast scope of my responsibilities relating to the claims ecosystem, the images included below are meant to showcase some examples of projects I have worked on, but do not cover the full breadth of my role.

Above: Claims dashboard with branding differences between two of our brands.

Below: Property claim experience redesign I led.

Above: Example of web and responsive screens during the FNOL (new claim) process.

Below: File sharing tool designed for new and active claims (native app experience shown).

Above: An initial wireframe and completed screen from our most recent app redesign.

Below: A flow chart and value-driven enhacement schedule I prepared for a T-Shirt sizing with devs regarding a buffering page's functionality.