Car Care

Car Care is an added value initiative for our mobile applications. The feature uses APIs to push maintenance schedules directly to the user in a simple and intuitive interface.

Additionally, we leverage government recall data to notify users if there are any outstanding recalls on their vehicles and inform them of the next steps.

UX Designer

Benchmarking and research or competitors' tools.
The design and testing of high fidelity prototypes, as well as the analysis and presentation of test results.
Coordiantion of copywriting and project documentation.
Organization of backlog items for future enhancements.

82% of respondents spoke positively of the feature. Fun fact: 67% of users had at least one active recall on their car - check your car!

Above:Example screens for each of the 3 brands (Belairdirect, Intact Insurance, National Bank of Canada).

Below: Flowchart used for the MVP handoff to development.